CNF Medical

CNF Medical is a family owned business. Their Performance Casting and Splinting® products are made in the United States of America: Designed, developed, and manufactured in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

CNF Medical is not a newcomer to splinting and casting. For decades, their parent company, Carolina Narrow Fabric, has been helping the industry develop unique and innovative medical products. Shortly after the turn of the century, they��noticed several casting companies had moved their manufacturing operations outside the United States. Identifying an opportunity, they soon utilized our casting manufacturing expertise and entered the medical market place by introducing their Performance Casting and Splinting® brands of cast room products. The success of their product line soon helped in securing several GPO contracts and further expanded their presence in the hospital and clinical settings.

They take pride in the fact that they chose to invest in America and help provide jobs in a geographic area already hard-hit by an economic down turn in textile manufacturing. A certified ISO 9001 facility, they have fully integrated their knitting, coating and packaging process producing products that meet and exceed the high standards of product quality and service demanded by the orthopedic community.